Catalog & Products

The ‘Matsuyoshi General Catalogue’ series with a concept of being in tune with what is happening on the front line, has been very well received.

Since the Matsuyoshi General Catalogue series’ first publication in 1992, buyers and those involved in the medical practice have praised it highly.
While catering to all kinds of needs, this catalogue that is ‘in tune with what is happening on the front line’ provides speedy access to the latest product information, making it a great tool many users in the wide spectrum of elderly care facilities and schools , etc., and of course medical centers.

247,644 products available!!!1,158 suppliers!!!
We are confident in our abundant product
line up and system that can respond to your needs.

Matsuyoshi Medical Equipment is a trading company specialized in medical equipment, providing products related to ‘medical care,' ‘nursing care’, and ‘health’. The items we handle are diverse, meeting a variety of needs on the front line of medical care. With items such as diagnosis equipment and medical examination equipment as a given, we also provide items for staff to wear, facility furniture, and even the smaller details such as office items. The wide variety of items on offer is our strong point. If you should find that we do not have an item that you need, we can utilize our network as a trading company to find it for you! We are also developing our private brand ‘Mysco’ born from feedback from those involved in the medicine services.

Private Brand & Import/Export Items

The ‘Mysco’ series is composed of Matsuyoshi original items. The brand name take the start of ‘Matsuyoshi Surgical Company’ to make the term ‘Mysco’. The know-how that Matsuyoshi has accumulated over the years is utilized for this brand, to meet the needs of those working on the front line.

Furthermore, at Matsuyoshi & Co. we also import and sell excellent items from overseas. We currently have suppliers in 11 different countries. We constantly have our ears open for the latest global medical equipment market information, by participating in the international trade fairs and making full use of our global network , etc. We actively engage in product procurement efforts daily, seeking out ideas, performances, and design not present in the domestic market.

National Brand

We are partners with 1,158 manufacturers! In order to be able to meet the demands of our nationwide network of retailers (dealers) as well as to be able to meet the demands of those involved in medical care, we cooperate daily with a wide range of manufacturers. Market needs diversify as time passes, and as there are more and more specialized needs nowadays, we are even more determined in our pursuit to get the latest information, and plan to expand our suppliers (manufacturers) and number of items we handle.

New Products and oupplier Wanted

We are currently seeking for new ideals for your product proposals related to meet the needs of healthcare professionals. Included but not limited to medical device and the products used in another industry.
We have approximately 2,616 dealers throughout Japan and hope that you will be the next one. Would you like to join us?