Business Philosophy

Business Philosophy

Our mission is to contribute to the health and happiness of others.

We have made ‘providing what the customer is really seeking’ a consistent motto since the founding of our company in 1917. Over the years, while we steadily provided high quality medical equipment and services, we also encountered and took on various issues that arose on the front line of medical care.

In recent years Japan has entered an unprecedented super-aged society, to a level that is also unprecedented overseas. Japan is said to have the oldest society worldwide in the three categories of average life-expectancy, number of elderly residents, and the rate at which society is aging.

As Japan’s super-aged society is expected to accelerate in this direction in the future, it will be very important to be able to respond and act promptly to the changing needs and diversity not yet seen on the medical front line.

It has been a century since the founding of Matsuyoshi & Co., Ltd, and we have grown alongside the advancements in the medical industry in Japan over the years. As a trading company specialized in developing daily living business projects in the realm of medical related business, we use the know-how that we have accumulated over the years in our efforts to fulfill our supreme principle, which is to contribute to improving the future health and well-being of others.

  • CEO & Chairperson, Michiki Yoshida

  • CEO & President, Hideki Yoshida


Establishing founders Hideki Yoshida and Kanichi Matsui placed immense importance on relationships with people. It is now a century since Matsuyoshi & Co. was founded. And over the years Matsuyoshi & Co. has experienced countless times where there was pressure to close due to natural disasters and changes in societal circumstances.
However, each and every time, those who were to connected to Matsuyoshi & Co. gave a helping hand, and made possible the long undisturbed business history that we can look back on today.

It was the founding members’ belief in putting people first that made it possible for the company to overcome its many difficulties and obstacles. Saying that Matsuyoshi & Co. is here today due to passing on this belief over the years is by no means an exaggeration. The ‘people’ that the founding members have treated with utmost importance up until now, sums up Matsuyoshi’s policy in a single word. Our staff now looks forward with this policy of putting ‘people’ first, and will work in unity to take on new challenges over the next century.

What ‘People’ means to us

Human strength, weakness, kindness, and harshness;

This image expresses living strongly, while also embracing the above four qualities.

The second stroke represents taking a new step.

The spreading of the brush bristles when finishing the stroke symbolizes spreading out into the future, and a plentitude of potential.

The dry brush section represents brilliance.

And this piece is created so that many will be drawn to this belief in ‘people’,

and will continue to shine with brilliance;

and was also written filled with the intent that Matsuyoshi & Co. has had until now,

and will continue to have as they grow in the future.


*Image of calligraphy creation process